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Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1024
Bishop, CA 93515

B.A.R.C. Meetings:

7:00 pm
Second Tuesday
of every month

Nightly Net:

8:00 p.m.
Freq. 146.940-
(PL 103.5)
(No PL)
(PL 103.5)

License Exams:

Feb 2 ,2019
May 4, 2019
Aug 3, 2019
Nov 2, 2019

License exams begin at 12:00 Noon at the Bishop Salvation Army.

For license exams on other dates please contact B.A.R.C.

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B.A.R.C. T-Hunt Schedule, Rules and Map

Bishop Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Hidden Transmitter Hunts

T-Hunt Schedule: T-Hunts are held on the Second Saturday following the BARC Meeting (2nd Tuesday) of every month and start at 10:00 a.m. A map and directions for the the starting location of the T-Hunts is below. For more information regarding the T-Hunts please attend our regular B.A.R.C. monthly meeting which is held on the second Wednesday of the every month.

The purpose of the BARC hidden transmitter hunt (T-Hunt) is three fold:

1. Develop a cadre of people skilled in using radio direction finding (RDF) techniques so as to support search and rescue activities, locating of radio interference, and other related public service activities.

2. Provide an opportunity for BARC members and others interested in T-Hunting and other radio related activities to socialize and exchange information on T-hunting tools, techniques, and methodologies.

3. Have fun! The objective of the BARC T-hunt is to use RDF techniques to find a hidden transmitter by traveling the least distance from the starting point. Standing Rules

1. The transmitter shall be readable at the starting point.
2. The hunt frequency may be any normal 2 meter FM frequency that will not interfere with other Amateur activities during the hunt.
3. The transmitter shall be operated and identified in accordance with current FCC rules and regulations.
4. The output of the transmitter shall be continuous, with audio deviation between 2.5 and 4.5 KHz, maintain constant power and consistent modulation throughout the hunt.
5. Any antenna configuration or polarization is acceptable but may not be changed during the hunt.
6. The operator of the hidden transmitter (aka the “Huntmaster”) must monitor (and be able to respond on) the BARC 34/94 repeater.
7. The Huntmaster shall announce the end of hunt and the location of the post hunt social event on both the hunt frequency and the BARC 34/94 repeater.
8. Other than local Law Enforcement agencies, the Huntmaster is responsible for notifying any potentially concerned parties in the vicinity of the hidden transmitter location.
9. The hunt shall start at a point, date, and time as previously designated by BARC. The duration of the hunt shall be 2 hours unless otherwise designated at the beginning of the hunt.
10. The transmitter shall be located in a public place (not private property) that is accessible to within 25 feet by a normal 2 wheel drive vehicle.
11. Hunters shall use only public roads that are usable by a normal 2 wheel drive vehicle (i.e. no “jeep trail” shortcuts!)
12. Odometer readings will be collected at the starting point and transmitted to the Huntmaster before the hunt commences.
13. A hunter (or hunt team) shall use only one vehicle and not be assisted by anyone not on that team.
14. Teams shall notify the Huntmaster if they withdraw before the completion of the hunt.
15. The T is found when the Huntmaster tells the hunter “you found it!”
16. Final odometer readings will be taken by the Huntmaster when the hunters’ vehicle reaches the point closest to the transmitter accessible by automobile.
17. The hunter with the lowest total mileage will be declared “The Winner.”
18. In the event of a first place tie the winner will be decided by a coin toss.
19. In the event of a dispute, the winner of the hunt shall provide substantiation of the accuracy of the odometer.
20. The winner shall have the privilege of hiding the transmitter for the next hunt and choosing the location of the post-hunt social event (lunch etc.)
21. The T-hunt standing rules may be changed by agreement of a majority of the active hunters (Active hunters is defined as those hunters that have participated in at least 2 of the previous 4 hunts).

Adopted by BARC 2/13/2011

AD6NR BARC Secretary

Starting Point Map & Instructions

Heading west on Red Hill Rd from E Line St go 1.1 miles to where the green gate is on the right side of the road. (east on Red Hill from Ed Powers go 0.1 mile to where the green gate is on the left side of the road) Turn on to the Power Line Rd across from the green gate (see pictures 1&2 below). Proceed 0.3 miles and take the left turn as shown in pictures 3&4 below. Proceed 0.1 mile and turn right (see picture 5 below). In 0.2 miles arrive at starting point as shown in picture 6 below.

pic 1 – green gate
pic 2 – across road
pic 3 – take left at .3 mi
pic 4 - left turn closer view
pic 5 – right turn
pic 6 – view of start area

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