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Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1024
Bishop, CA 93515

B.A.R.C. Meetings:

7:00 pm
Second Tuesday
of every month

Nightly Net:

8:00 p.m.
Freq. 146.940-
(PL 103.5)
(No PL)
(PL 103.5)

License Exams:

Feb 2 ,2019
May 4, 2019
Aug 3, 2019
Nov 2, 2019

License exams begin at 12:00 Noon at the Bishop Salvation Army.

For license exams on other dates please contact B.A.R.C.

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August T-Hunt Report

By John Shepherd AD6NR

        After several cancellations the BARC T-Hunts resumed on August 24. Rich (KF6YLW) the winner of the last T-Hunt was unable to hide because of something called work! Dennis (W6IY) volunteered to be the fox and promised a tough hunt. The signal was weak on the top of Red Hill at the start of the hunt so there was much swinging of beams and carful listening by hunters Marilyn (W6MSO), Jon (NW6C) and the team of John (AD6NR) and Olin (WA7YXY). The signal appeared to be roughly north by north west rather toward Wheeler Ridge.

        John and Olin left Red Hill going north and then east on Ed Powers Rd. Sensing the T was up north they got onto US 395 N at Ed Powers and proceeded up to the Pleasant Valley Reservoir turn off to take a reading. The reading showed the T to the north. Another reading at Mill Creek Rd showed a stronger signal and still toward the north. The signal at scenic overlook was even stronger and pointed almost straight up US395. Deciding the T must either be near the top of Sherwin grade or perhaps near the top of Mt Ritter (Dennis did promise a tough hunt!) the intrepid duo drove right up to Sherwin summit. The signal was exceptionally strong just as the road crested. Mt Ritter was in full view but fortunately the signal was no longer north off to the east. A few more bearings showed the T to be somewhere near the communication site. Well ensconced behind one of the buildings on the site Dennis was smiling as John and Olin drove into sight and were the first to find the T.

        Marilyn started out playing leapfrog with John and Olin taking readings up to the Pleasant Valley Reservoir turn off but added a little mileage by going up on the bluff to take a reading on “higher ground”. That proved to be tactical error. Also proceeding northward up Sherwin grade and thence to the comm site those additional tenths of a mile proved to be the difference between victory and keep huntin’ kiddo.

        Jon started out working north by going up the Tungsten Hills Road and then to Mill Pond. He got a good signal near the Millpond road that seemed to be coming from the west. Following that turned out to be a red herring but he did get a nice tour of Round Valley. After a scenic circle of Round Valley Jon realized the signal was actually more to the north so he crossed US 395 at Gorge Road. He followed the Gorge Road north until the pavement ended. Realizing the T could not be any further up the Gorge Road he back off and bit and headed off to the west. With a bit of a hint because it was getting late Jon quickly made his way to the T.

        First to find the T does not always mean the lowest mileage but in this case John and Olin were firstist with the leastest! Marilyn had only a few tenths further. Jon’s combination of a scenic tour with the T-Hunt gave left him with a few more miles on the odometer than the others. The after hunt lunch at Tom’ place was fun and the food was good.

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